Amanda Edge Quick Facts

Alias: None
Date of Birth: 4/14/1988
Home Town: California, USA
Measurements: Unknown
Height: 5′4
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green

Amanda Edge Fan Mini Biography

Amanda Edge is a gorgeous blond porn star with big green eyes that keep her fans coming back for more and frequently claim new victims who find themselves sucked in to her perfectly proportioned body. Amanda’s tiny natural titties are one of her biggest assets if you ask her fans but many of them also adore her for her curvaceous hips and tight toned abs as well.

Amanda Edge has made a name for herself in the glamor porn niche and does a lot of work with the adult website Glamour Girls Gone Bad. Amanda is recognizable by her large tribal tattoo on her middle back as well as a small heart tattoo on her left hip with the letter ‘a’ within it.

While Amanda Edge does not currently have a website of her own she does keep up with her fans through her Face Book and Twitter accounts. Amanda has not currently received any awards for her work in the adult industry.

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